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・ Magical Girl

・ Trash

The Protagonist of P5

I’m right there with you Captain.

Here is the Eli card I got in the Japanese version (Yes I downloaded both I’m a lost cause) Also some other characters whose designs I really like. 


why use the term ‘bedroom eyes’ when ‘parfait face’ is clearly on a new level



The rares I’ve gotten just from doing 10 friendship point scouts. It likes to give me pure apparently. No doubles yet to get idols ):

$30 dollars for 50 love gems in this game dear god. That’s so outrageous lol. I could buy a whole new game for that price. Good thing I’m not in any hurry to grab special characters or anything. I’ll just slowly save up my heart points until I have 50 haha. 

μ’s Music Start! :: Eli Ayase


sometimes i see prince of tennis on my dash but very rarely….

i know im boring my fav pairings are always the obviously already married characters

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